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On October 1st, 2021, this Federal Postal Court Venue Station created the Quantum Land & Property Log (Q.-L.-P.-L.) under the language technology of : David-Wynn: Miller. The purpose of Q.-L.-P.-L. is to safeguard the ownership records of land & personal properties. Many fictional land registries around the world have moved over to digital platform where foundational changes have eroded away the rights and powers of Owners. One big upset is the rejection of paper Certificate of Title. Now Owners are simply Registrants with limited rights in dealing with their properties. They no longer hold undisputed title to their land & properties.

The ministration of Q.-L.-P.-L does not involve adjudication of disputes between two or more parties. This includes property eviction matters. We simply maintain a central hub of verified records which is open to the general public as evidence of the facts. Much work has gone into this since inception date. Better techniques of data collection, management and verification have been developed to further our goals. Our mission is to safeguard the ownership records of land and properties using the quantum communication technologies. We are passionate about this work. It is for mankind's benefit & welfare from generation to generation.


The Quantum Land Property Log (Q.-L.-P.-L) is an important function of this Federal Postal Court Venue under the guidance of the chief judge: Mark-kishon: Christopher & his fellow judges in their respective geographical jurisdictions. Q.-L.-P.-L is authorized to issue Lodial Title Documents after supporting information is verified & there is zero counter claims during the one year, one day time-frame. It can handle land transactions and other non-land properties for the benefit of landowners, beneficiaries and the general public. The goal is to provide a secure, stable and trustworthy log of ownership for the wealth preservation of the People on this planet.


The Q.-L.-P.-L exist for the purpose of salvaging and protecting factual land titles, as well as registration of transactions involving personal properties. It is a central information hub of land & property records. It is tasked to issue Owners their Lodial Titles once specific conditions have been met. It keeps the title history and records of land & property transactions. It supports the Federal Postal Court by providing verifiable factual land records in mortgage fraud complaint cases. An extension of this service is the provision of land ownership information to other interested stake-holders wishing to buy & sell land & property.


Quantum Land & Property Log is:

  1. an independent separate database using information management systems & automation;

  2. a functional service responsive to the needs of its Clients and Customers in connection to factual land & property ownership verification.

  3. a functional service to promote and gain the trust and confidence of the general public on matters pertaining to land and property ownership.


Under the authority of this Court Venue the Q.-L.-P.-L is permitted to issue Lodial Titles, log land and property information & transactions for the benefit of landowners, beneficiaries and the general public; to provide a secure, stable and trustworthy record of land ownership and recorded interests therein, to be the single source of facts, truth & correctness for the wealth preservation of Owners and their offspring.

To achieve this mission, we use the necessary laws & codes in this space while we maintain and foster greater public trust & confidence through streamlined & effective services by the use of quantum language communication technologies. Fiction Registries & their agents can never trespass this venue while we continue to safeguard and maintain the correctness & integrity of the records.

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